I love all my senses. They all play an important role in my life. They are especially important for the activities I do. When 4-H comes around and my animal and I are being judged, I need to be able to hear what the judge is saying. If I'm swimming, I need my vision to see where I am going. If I'm cooking, I need to be able to taste what I cooked. If I'm checking on a sick horse, I need to be able to feel it's pulse. If I'm driving near a field, I need to be able to smell if there's a fire. If I had to, which sense would I give up?

I would be absolutely miserable if I had to give up hearing, vision, or taste. In my opinion, those are the top three most important senses. Smelling and feeling play an important role as well, but not as much. I would give up being able to smell. It would be very difficult because I love the smell of a lot of things. The beach, hay, citrus, lavender, etc., but if you look at it in a life-threatening way, smell is the least of my worries. If a kidnapper came, I would be able to hear him and run away. I could also see him. Why would smell have to do with that?
Whenever you want a healthy meal, school lunches aren't the first thing that come to mind. School lunches most of the time are unhealthy. I've eaten a burger from school and found that the meat inside is pink and a bit cold. Plus, the "burger" doesn't even taste like a real burger. It tastes a bit cold and stale. The school's lunches may taste ok, but they're nothing compared to real food. Our lunches aren't even healthy. We could be eating a salad once in a while or a veggie burger. Sometimes, the only real lunch a child gets is at school, so why not feed them healthy food?

Healthier food is often pricey and our school doesn't have a lot of money to afford these choices. That's why I think the school should sell things that students like to fund the cafeteria so they have more money to buy healthier foods. This would benefit students. The students would be more filled up and have more energy to learn. The cafeteria should consider the idea for next year. 
Web research online safety is when you search the internet safely. Anything can pop up when your surfing the web, even things you never wanted to appear. That's why you must always be cautious when looking things up. A lot of kids do this on accident all the times because they don't have the correct safety. They don't tell their parents, who can help with situations like that.

To surf the internet safely, here are a few tips. Put on safe search. Safe search blocks bad images on your computer and in some cases, keeps harmful viruses away. Always be wary of what words you type in. Make sure they don't sound like something bad or reference it. Those are the main tips on how to be safe while you research the web.
Technology can be good and bad. Some of the disadvantages would be people become rude and stare at their phones all the time, ignoring others, people have become addicted to cell phones and TV, and social media is one of the biggest ways to bully a person. The advantages are technology helps students with work and jobs, for example, online school, and it also helps with problems they face.

If I had to give up one piece of my technology, I would choose my IPod. I rarely use it anyways and if I didn't have it, I would still manage. I'm not one of those people whose addicted to their phones or IPods, so it wouldn't really be a big deal. My biggest pet peeve is when you start talking to someone, so they talk to you , and a few minutes later, they are texting someone and forget about you. They're not trying to be rude, but they come off as it. I told myself I would never become one of those people and I'm not.
When I was four, I fell in love with animals, especially horses. It all started when my parents' took me to a horse ranch someplace in the mountains. There were horses, dogs, barn cats, llamas,cows, etc. Ever since then, I begged my parents to let me ride and be around animals. On my eight birthday, they signed me up for riding lessons. I rode English and had so much fun. One day, one of the horses on the ranch got sick. All I wanted to do was help it, but I was to young. That's the day I knew I wanted to become a vet. 

Helping animals has always been my passion. I would do anything to help the injured and sick. I can handle really grisly situations as well. Blood doesn't bother me, neither do broken bones. I trained myself at a young age by watching Animal Cops on Animal Planet. I saw all the horrible situations the animal control officers had to deal with and knew that vets had to deal with them also. I am attending a vet program in the summer for two weeks to educate myself about medicine and surgeries I will have to perform in the vet world. I plan to become a veterinary assistant to the only decent vet in Yuma when I can get a job. My riding instructor helps educates me as well because she worked with a vet in France for 14 years. 

I know I will become a vet and I'm not changing my mind. I have good grades and am going to attend Cornell University in New York when I graduate. It is the best veterinary college in the United States and I will get in. I am going to work hard to achieve my goal and I know I can do it. 
Being innovative means that someone has advanced views on a subject or that someone is ahead of their time. Some examples of innovative people would be Steve Jobs, Amelia Earhart, Mark Zuckerberg, and Marie Curie. Why were they all considered to be innovative? Because they came up with new ideas and thoughts that society considered to be "crazy". Well those once crazy ideas came to life and they've helped our society in so many different ways. For example, Steve Job's iPhone. It lets people multitask and is convenient in different situations. Another example would be the scientist Marie Curie and her new discoveries, polonium and radium. Back in the 1800's, it was very rare to find women who were scientists.

Being innovative is not very hard. All you have to do is have a goal set out and put your mind to it. You can accomplish it. It may not be easy the first few tries, but you will get there eventually. An innovative person always does their best, never gives up, and thinks outside the box. They try new and absurd things, no matter what anyone else thinks. They have amazing ideas on new technology. Some people call them crazy while others call them geniuses. Innovative people should be admired, as they are great role models for future generations.
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Podcasting is when somebody makes an audio recording of a certain subject. Fore example, our class is doing a podcast on study tips. Podcasting requires communication, collaboration, and focus.
Do's: When making a podcast, it is always a smart idea to have a script written out to read off of. You should also practice your script a few times before recording. Make sure there is no background noise when you record because it will cause the podcast to sound bad. Make the podcast interesting. Add some funny quirks or experiences in, just make sure they're not too long. Speak loudly and fluently so people will understand you.

Don'ts: When making a podcast, don't go into another topic. Focus on one topic and stay on it. Don't just babble on and on during a podcast. That will bore a listener and lose their focus. Don't say "umm" or "like" a lot. That seems unprofessional and after a while, it can get irritating to listen to.
An argument essay is an essay where someone has to research a certain topic. It could be any topic and it must make sense. The author states facts, includes his or her personal views, and persuades the audience about their argument.  If I could pick any topic, I would pick drug use. Drugs are being sold illegally every year in the country. It is not right and in my opinion, the government needs to lay down even firmer laws. The laws we have now are obviously not working because drugs are still being sold. 

People who are caught selling drugs get arrested, but even the people who are a part of the act should get arrested as well. Drugs cause many deaths that could have been prevented. They cause people to act differently, sometimes even dangerous and cause serious or fatal health problems.  
Why is it that parent's put pressure on their children by wanting them to have better lives than they had? There are many reasons for this. Parents' may have done some pretty bad things in their early stages in life. They probably regret doing these things and want to protect their children. Another reason may be that maybe a parent never finished college or dropped out of high school. Every parent wants their child to have a good education and staying in school is the answer. Maybe a mother became pregnant in highschool. That mother dos not want her daughter to end up pregnant either. She wants her child to have a good education and future. Parents' pressure their children because they want them to bethe best that they can possibly be. Pressuring children for a good education and bright future should definetly be encouraged by all parents'.
This week, Mrs. Weber's advanced science class went on a three day trip to Sea Camp in San Diego. It was an unforgetable trip. On the first day, we had to wake up at 5 in the morning and leave by six ten. We arrived in San Diego around ten in the morning. We met our instructors and we headed to our cabins. The girl's cabin was a giant room with multiple bunk beds. It was much nicer than I expected. The instructors then proceded to take us to LaJolla Shores to go boogie boarding. It was a blast! Later on, we went to the tide pools, where we caught baby octopi, squid, starfish, and crabs. After dinner, we had a lab, where we dissected a squid.

On Tuesday morning, we woke up early to go whale watching in Mission Bay. We went far out into the ocean and it was a bumpy, yet fun ride. We didn't see any whales, but we saw a pod of dolphins, seals, and a numerous amount of other animals. When we arrived back on shore, we went to a different part of Mission Bay to go snorkeling. My group found a giant sea hare. I got to hold it and it was incredibly squishy and adorable. Our instructor found an eel as well. The water was cold, but luckily we had on thick wetsuits, so we didn't feel anything. There was lots of coral and seaweed in the bay and I saw all the different fish that lived there. When we got back to camp, we ate dinner and had another lab, where we dissected a fish and pet a shark.

On the last day of Sea Camp, everybody went kayaking during the morning. The instructor, Matt, told the groups to stand up in their kayaks and try not to fall. Half of the people did and it was really funny to watch. There were jellyfish in the water and we picked them up because they were harmless. Once we got dried off, we headed to Sea World and walked around. My group and I rode the Manta at least eight times. We saw almost all the exhibits and went on many rides. Another instructor, Austin, also explained to us in the end why the orcas' at Sea World have curved fins. It was depressing to hear. Overall, Sea Camp was an incredible experince that I will never forget. I learned so much about fish and sea mammals that I never knew before. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and hilarious. I would recommend it to anyone who loves the water and loves to learn.