When I was four, I fell in love with animals, especially horses. It all started when my parents' took me to a horse ranch someplace in the mountains. There were horses, dogs, barn cats, llamas,cows, etc. Ever since then, I begged my parents to let me ride and be around animals. On my eight birthday, they signed me up for riding lessons. I rode English and had so much fun. One day, one of the horses on the ranch got sick. All I wanted to do was help it, but I was to young. That's the day I knew I wanted to become a vet. 

Helping animals has always been my passion. I would do anything to help the injured and sick. I can handle really grisly situations as well. Blood doesn't bother me, neither do broken bones. I trained myself at a young age by watching Animal Cops on Animal Planet. I saw all the horrible situations the animal control officers had to deal with and knew that vets had to deal with them also. I am attending a vet program in the summer for two weeks to educate myself about medicine and surgeries I will have to perform in the vet world. I plan to become a veterinary assistant to the only decent vet in Yuma when I can get a job. My riding instructor helps educates me as well because she worked with a vet in France for 14 years. 

I know I will become a vet and I'm not changing my mind. I have good grades and am going to attend Cornell University in New York when I graduate. It is the best veterinary college in the United States and I will get in. I am going to work hard to achieve my goal and I know I can do it. 

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