Why is it that parent's put pressure on their children by wanting them to have better lives than they had? There are many reasons for this. Parents' may have done some pretty bad things in their early stages in life. They probably regret doing these things and want to protect their children. Another reason may be that maybe a parent never finished college or dropped out of high school. Every parent wants their child to have a good education and staying in school is the answer. Maybe a mother became pregnant in highschool. That mother dos not want her daughter to end up pregnant either. She wants her child to have a good education and future. Parents' pressure their children because they want them to bethe best that they can possibly be. Pressuring children for a good education and bright future should definetly be encouraged by all parents'.

03/18/2013 6:45pm

I agree with you, Olivia! Parents do put tons of pressure on their children. Though it is for the best, it can get annoying.

03/25/2013 3:43pm

I also agree with you Olivia. Parents are trying their whole life to make their children's lives better. They just want the best for us and although it gets annoying it is for the best.


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