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Podcasting is when somebody makes an audio recording of a certain subject. Fore example, our class is doing a podcast on study tips. Podcasting requires communication, collaboration, and focus.
Do's: When making a podcast, it is always a smart idea to have a script written out to read off of. You should also practice your script a few times before recording. Make sure there is no background noise when you record because it will cause the podcast to sound bad. Make the podcast interesting. Add some funny quirks or experiences in, just make sure they're not too long. Speak loudly and fluently so people will understand you.

Don'ts: When making a podcast, don't go into another topic. Focus on one topic and stay on it. Don't just babble on and on during a podcast. That will bore a listener and lose their focus. Don't say "umm" or "like" a lot. That seems unprofessional and after a while, it can get irritating to listen to.

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