Technology can be good and bad. Some of the disadvantages would be people become rude and stare at their phones all the time, ignoring others, people have become addicted to cell phones and TV, and social media is one of the biggest ways to bully a person. The advantages are technology helps students with work and jobs, for example, online school, and it also helps with problems they face.

If I had to give up one piece of my technology, I would choose my IPod. I rarely use it anyways and if I didn't have it, I would still manage. I'm not one of those people whose addicted to their phones or IPods, so it wouldn't really be a big deal. My biggest pet peeve is when you start talking to someone, so they talk to you , and a few minutes later, they are texting someone and forget about you. They're not trying to be rude, but they come off as it. I told myself I would never become one of those people and I'm not.

04/23/2013 12:51pm

I agree with your statement.Many people ignore their surroundings and focus on their device.This causes them to look rude.I would also give up my iPod if I had to give up a device.I mostly use it for games,music,and videos.I do need a device for school but I could use the technology that the school provides me with.Giving up my iPod would also help me to stay more focused on my surroundings and my homework.

04/23/2013 12:57pm

Wow, I admire the fact that you haven't let yourself become addicted to your iPod. I know that I get addicted to my phone all the time. However, I agree with you that it's super annoying when people are!

04/28/2013 1:31pm

Wow, Olivia, I totally agree with you! How can people be so rude? All they care most of the time is their phone, or any electronic they have around. I really liked this bolg of yours, your honest about it, that is good!


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