I love all my senses. They all play an important role in my life. They are especially important for the activities I do. When 4-H comes around and my animal and I are being judged, I need to be able to hear what the judge is saying. If I'm swimming, I need my vision to see where I am going. If I'm cooking, I need to be able to taste what I cooked. If I'm checking on a sick horse, I need to be able to feel it's pulse. If I'm driving near a field, I need to be able to smell if there's a fire. If I had to, which sense would I give up?

I would be absolutely miserable if I had to give up hearing, vision, or taste. In my opinion, those are the top three most important senses. Smelling and feeling play an important role as well, but not as much. I would give up being able to smell. It would be very difficult because I love the smell of a lot of things. The beach, hay, citrus, lavender, etc., but if you look at it in a life-threatening way, smell is the least of my worries. If a kidnapper came, I would be able to hear him and run away. I could also see him. Why would smell have to do with that?

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