An argument essay is an essay where someone has to research a certain topic. It could be any topic and it must make sense. The author states facts, includes his or her personal views, and persuades the audience about their argument.  If I could pick any topic, I would pick drug use. Drugs are being sold illegally every year in the country. It is not right and in my opinion, the government needs to lay down even firmer laws. The laws we have now are obviously not working because drugs are still being sold. 

People who are caught selling drugs get arrested, but even the people who are a part of the act should get arrested as well. Drugs cause many deaths that could have been prevented. They cause people to act differently, sometimes even dangerous and cause serious or fatal health problems.  

03/14/2013 11:13pm

That is so true Olivia. We see that happening now these days. Not only adults, but also young people. I agree with you, they should get arrested, it's for their own good!


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